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How Dumb?

You've heard of a few bricks shy of a load to explain someone who's mentally challenged. Here are maybe 200 other ways of saying the same thing. One is all the way from Australia.

Shaggy Dog Tails (or Tales)

Long, convoluted, and groan-inducing stories, including the one I told so often I think it's the reason my ex let me divorce him.

Smoke Here Airports

Of course we don't condone smoking. You're addicted, though, and you're flying. Even with the patch, you're miserable. Here are the places where you can smoke inside the airport, in the few airports that still allow it. Otherwise, it's outside, past security, and 15' from the door, please.

Common Sense Handbooks are designed for people who are not dummies or idiots and who just need some fine tuning on their knowledge. Maybe you need a little reassurance because you have the basics, or you had them ten years ago. Each book is brief (about 20,000-25,000 words) and gives you plenty of ideas to help resolve your problem.

The concept was conceived about ten years ago when I kept hearing people who were divorcing say they wished they had thought about doing something during the divorce process, or wished someone had said something, or reminded them of something. We can all agree that divorce and common sense tend to be polar opposites. The Divorce Common Sense Handbook was born.

From there, it was a small mental step to write about other aspects of life. It was a much larger step moving these books into reality. The first one is Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook.The divorce book will be updated and released within a few weeks.

Other books in the series will deal with corporate divorce, stand-up comedy, bartering, camping, sightseeing by public transportation, cruising, family reunions, and you name it. In fact, if you would like to write about one of the above topics or suggest another one, please contact Judy. The royalty payment is much better than any other publisher unless you published it yourself, except we take care of the headaches part so you don't have to. Submit your idea, now, while you're thinking about it.

Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook

Allergies cause tantrums?

Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook front coverTemper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook finally is ready for market. If you have a child reaching or in the tantrum age, you probably know more than you want to know about time-outs. This book details what's normal and abnormal about childhood tantrums (nothing about road rage and only one reference to Olympic games and John McEnroe outbursts). There are plenty of tips about how to avoid or prevent tantrums and then plenty more about what to do should they happen anyway.

Click on this link to purchase your copy, on sale for an introductory price of $8.77! You click and PayPal approves your purchase and then you download your book. Search for your problem tantrum area -- grocery shopping, travel, or bedtime. It's there. Also, there are plenty of links to companies that provide products for easy travel or services (maybe it's time to get rid of your fear of flying). A print version should be available later this year.

Oh, yes, allergies, thunderstorms, liver imbalance, and numerous other outside influences can cause tantrums.

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Divorce Common Sense Handbook front cover

Divorce Common Sense Handbook: 180+ Things to Do and 8+ Things Not to Do Before Your Divorce (Oct 20, 2008 pub date)

The original Common Sense Handbook that helps you bridge the gap between divorce and common sense. It does not advocate divorce, but tells you why you need a new phone number, attorney, and post office box. It also tells you what to do with your wedding photos and when you need a forensic accountant.

It's indispensable for anyone contemplating a divorce!


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Marketing Ideas

Started several years ago with the release of Big Bang Marketing for Spas, this series grew to include Hotel and Resort Marketing Ideas, Destination Marketing Ideas, and, then, an expansion of the original book to Spa Marketing Ideas. These are being updated and will be posted for sale before the end of the year.

The books feature hundreds of free and inexpensive ideas to help market you and your business. Many of them you may have learned in school and forgotten. Others are based on social networking that didn't exist when you were in school. You're sure to appreciate the hard work other people put into creating the ideas that are included in these books.

Industries, other than hospitality, will be added to the list.